What Does It Mean To Market A Business!

The best way to describe the ‘process of marketing’ a business is taking an idea based on benefits or features about what the business can do for a potential client and be connecting that idea with people out there in the world who may be searching for the benefits or features of the product or products/ service or services that the business offers.

Using effective ways or methods in communicating to bridge the gap between a potential customer and the business is what effective marketing is all about.

local marketing - getting SEO to be a part of the overall strategyNow in the old days of marketing, we would run off and place an Ad copy in the local paper to let people know what we are doing. In many instances, we may take up space in Yellow pages with some editorial space. This had most often a price tag that many businesses found hard to handle. However today it doesn’t need to be that expensive nor long drawn out. The reason is we have content already with us at our fingertips. That content is living on webpages on our sites hosted on the internet. All we need to do is get it written in a way that it’s useful for humans to find and read. Ultimately upon getting to your site that page content must be exactly what the Google searcher is researching about. This is called on page optimization by arranging of your page content and the term used now SEO.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. In other words optimizing your web page content so the search engine spiders can read the words written and make them available to potential buyers on the net. Now there is an off-page part to this optimization process too which must be looked into. If done well your marketing efforts will be very effective.

Using SEO as a part of your marketing strategy can save you a whole heap of financial headaches in the long run. I refer to SEO as effective marketing.

The Importance of Marketing!

Most business owners seldom leave room on the expense column in the business ledger for advertising of any sorts. This is most often an after-thought. Imagine spending huge amounts of money on market research, planning and setup, inventory and training, and then not getting the word out that you are open for business. That seems foolhardy yet so many small and medium sized companies do just that.

In fact, it must be an important part of the initial planning and setup process with an ongoing follow through marketing program attached once the business starts up. If done well the business will start to see traffic come through the door almost from day one. There is no reason why it should not.

Marketing Examples!

Here are some examples of effective marketing that can be used right now.

1. Blogs:  These are great websites to host your company information today. WordPress platforms for blogs are now mainly used instead of creating websites from scratch. The old HTML way is pretty much outdated. Very cheap to set up and all you need to do is keep the content fresh and up to date. Most people can do this by themselves or pay a small amount of money to get a site done for them. Running this medium is very cost effective and probably be less than $2000 a year.

local business using web content to increase traffic to websites2. Social Web 2.0:  Sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, etc. Setting up profiles on these sites will expand your messages to different audiences that you may want to get your message out. The advertising medium is free unless you opt to specifically use paid advertising in any of these social media sites. Very effective and very easy to use. In case where time is an issue ask a social media expert to assist for a monthly fee.

3. Email marketing: If we went about getting a ton of traffic and not once are we able to re-marketing to this audience that visited our website or store then we have failed in marketing our business effectively. Email marketing if done properly can target specific interests that our potential buyers were interested in and we can stir them closer to buying decisions. Tying up email marketing with re-marketing Ad campaigns can dramatically reduce your advertising spend per new customer. I suggest asking your AD manager/SEO consultant to either look at Google re-marketing and or Facebook re-targeting ads.  Something to look into to take your business to a higher level in 2017.

In Summary!

Lastly to connect all that you do on the internet with your marketing in mind you need a plan. A proper SEO expert will effective create a client pulling web of information directing potential clients to your business website. Check out who is your local SEO expert in your city by researching companies that specialize in search engine marketing.
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Sara Hopman


Adelaide, South Australia

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